Welcome to ClayCounty-al.com.  Here we want to share some information on and photos taken in and around Clay County, Alabama. 

History and demographics are cover well on other site, but just in case you do not want to have to search:

Clay county is located on the eastern side of Alabama. It was named after Henry Clay, an American statesman fro Kentucky.  Henry Clay was a member of the United States Senate and a United States Secretary of State.  Clay county was established on December 7the, 1866 from land taken from Randolph and Talladega Counties.  It consist of about 600 square miles of beautiful country.  Many of these square miles of land are located in the Talladega National Forest. The major cities in Clay County are Ashland, the county seat and Lineville. 

Clay County Chamber of Commerce site is a good place to start



Photos from Reds Catfish

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